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rasheeda – bedrock remix testo

attendere prego...

“bedrock remix”
(feat. toya carter, diamond, lola monroe & kandi)

rasheeda… baby
i’m a play around a little bit… like
like [x3]
okay okay
i got that great, great
fruity pebbles sweet
he running after me like a track meet
he call me sushi roll, cause i’m raw as f-ck
all ready supreme ain’t gotta gas me up
my pillow talk game so superior
so i leave the store with every different color fur
burr! gucci mane said it best
he’s like my infant, keep his mouth on my breast
i’m sheeda sheeda, the nicki diva
and it gets wetter than, lake geneva
and then we role play
i just won an oscar
genius brains like i graduated from harvard
full scholarship… here swallow this
s-x education cl-ss
let’s experiment
we make the bedrock
and holler many sounds
i keep him at attention it never goes down

[chorus: kandi]
ooohhh baby, i’m a put it down on you baby
wanna give it all to you baby
can you find my g-spot, call me mrs. flintstone i can make your bedrock
i can make your bedrock
i can make your bedrock boy
i can make your bedrock
i can make your bedrock

[toya carter:]
independent now, used to have my hands tied
now they after me i got a custom stop sign
it must be something bout my accent
cause i say babay and n-gg-s wanna pay a chick
small waist, pretty face, and my booty round
now he in my zone like a touch down
i don’t need another friend, i need a team mate
with a big appet-te eat the whole plate
don’t come around with that lyin i seen you before
you know d-mn well i got my own tv show (yeah baby)
now that’s some boss sh-t, i got my own everything
and i could put it down
made him pull a hamstring


mrs 32
i’m going in
i can make your bedrock
it’s 32 top notch
my reese’s pieces, b-ttercup got em playing hopscotch
riding with the top off, i’m posing like i’m janet
he ups my p-ssy cause i’m on another planet
got dammit she can’t stand it
cause he spoil me like he santa
i make him ho… ho… ho while we cruising in my phantom
he catching temper tantrums when he miss my fruit pebbles
so i s-x him on the schedule just to make him feel special
i’m too spoiled and too royal (too royal)
so he spa’s today and rub me down with oil
i came first he went last
it’s willie wonka no hands
baskin robin in demand
still rocking no weeding ring

[lola luv:]
okay he super fly
i just gotta tame em
sit em down make him the sh-t, potty train em
i make him raise his hand, call me ms. monroe
i bless him like a reverend… i guess i run the show
i’m a front runner his ex a back rounder
all she do is throw shade like the mac counter
american idol i’m shining now
they love to judge me
sign me pound
give em the diamond smell
i don’t tell em sh-t
i replace b-tches i’m on my allen sh-t
it’s like a melon split when i let em cut
he pop my fire hydrant then i wet him up


come give me a hersey kiss
twist me up like licorice
wipe my candle apple while i
nibble on your dip stick
every now and later you can be my sugar daddy
i let you break me off like a kit-kit-katty
you can chew on my big red while you try my lemon head
don’t stop
if i blow on your blow pop i can make your bedrock


- rasheeda testo

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