ranna royce & kxng crooked – wordplay testo

attendere prego...

come wander with me, love
come wander with me

verse 1 (ranna)
i be soundin like siri cuz i’m a serious serial serotonin
sippin a bowl of cereal
i’m lucky like a leprechaun with the lucky charms
in the echelon of the amazon in babylon
til the break of dawn since the ramadan
puns don’t stop but’ll trap you in a octagon
so i ramble on like a marathon
eight side rhymes and you yeah like lil jon
i pick apart each syllable
stick my heart in a syllabus
i make that sh+t lyrical
i’m a lyricist born to this
wanna play scrabble
kick yo ass
should i just scramble
h+ll f+ck yea
unless you wanna be scrambled eggs cuz imma go ham
you’ll be toast cuz i’m oj juiced with his hand
the glove was planned now that’s a freehand
k!ll a broad with a band it spread like broadband
wit stamped in my verse so you can’t withstand
so you damped in my words and drown in quicksand
you can be subject to be the subject
of my poetic no justice type of predicate
i’m like 2pac got my own pen
f+ck the world and f+ck a ghostwriting surrogate
i live for the wordplay
ow ow ow
(repeat 3x)

verse 2 (kxng crooked)
kick, snare
hundred round drum don’t care
stand up guy in a chair
sitting on the throne i’m the heir
i was a king on my very first birthday
put a crown on my nouns and my verbs
imma serve ya’ll in the worse way
putting all you rappers in a he+rs+, ay
having fun cuz i work for the wordplay
even my pistol is astronomic
i c+ck back and i blast the comet
quickest motherf+ckers pass the chronic
as fast as sonic
imma be putting my foot in yo ass like your last colonic
get you dizzy as a glass of tonic
sick flow make a b+st+rd vomit
cuz i master phonics
i’m a craft a sonnet
when an artist act moronic
my heart gets black as onyx
imma get it from beginning to the endin
give an instrumental a whippin
i’m winning independent
when i spit a written lyric i’m the realest i’m the illest
when a lyricist hear it i bet i k!ll them in a minute
tick tock like hands on a big glock
i ain’t say clock i said hands on a big glock get shot
imma be defying gravity
cuz imma stay fly even when my sh+t drop
this is hip hop
i live for the wordplay
yeah kxng crook yeah
ow ow ow

i live for the wordplay
persian empire yeah
ow ow ow

i live for the wordplay
we live for this you know what i’m saying
ow ow ow

i live for the wordplay
we breathe for this, ah
ow ow ow

from the bay to the lbc

- ranna royce kxng crooked testo

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