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priscilla ahn – leave the light on testo

attendere prego...

leave the light on

leave the light on
said mama, papa, do
leave the light on
when i’m coming home to you

say i get scared in the dark at night
and i can’t find my key
so leave the light on
for me

tuck me in, babe
just like you always do
tuck me in, babe
so tired and close to you

say’tgit cold in the dreams at night
and i’m reachin out for you
so tuck me in, ba-by

la da da da
da da dada da

give me love, love
i say to all of you
give me sweet love
and i’ll give it back to you

you get tired and you fall down i been
loathe to pick you up..
so give me love, love
give me love, love, love

da da da da
da da da da da

- priscilla ahn testo

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