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pete murray – blue sky blue testo

attendere prego...

“blue sky blue”

blue sky blue
come on shine your rays
on another fool’s day
just to help them get right through
all the cash is down
you’re on the ground
but your heart is mighty true
it’s up to you now

blue sky blue
come on close those eyes
and realize
what your dreams want you to do
if the dream is gone
it ain’t all wrong
just gotta drag yourself on through
it’s up to you now

you say love is going to set me free
i’d move heaven and earth just to be
one step closer to your family tree
take my soul now as your guarantee

blue sky blue
come on take your aim
and play my game
i’ll open heaven up for you
look into my eyes
and realize
there is no spell placed on you
it’s up to you now

- pete murray testo

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