pauly shore – lisa lisa (the one i adore) testo

attendere prego...


cool, buddies

yo, man! this is a song about a girl, bro, that came out to hollywood to make it from the farm. she’s totally fresh. maybe- maybe she’s from atlanta, the midwest? you know she’s milked cows though. she’s totally clean. it’s called “lisa lisa the one i adore”

i’m a stony, crusty dude with a mop on top
my melon’s fully tweaked but i’ll never stop
stop trying to weaz the nugs from coast to coast
the ones with the cones are the ones i dig the most

lisa lisa! (lisa, lisa)
lisa lisa! (lisa, lisa)
heavy metal, dude
second verse..

i’m cruisin’ down the street, me in my jeep
there’s a lisa chillin’ solo, so i give it a beep
? miss my wood and my helmet too
your donut’s kinda fresh, i wanna glaze you

lisa lisa! (lisa, lisa)
whoa, you’re intense
lisa lisa! (lisa, lisa)
i adore you

this is the solo part, bro. this is when i, like, start ripping. watch me try to merge with the chick

alright lisa, my mom’s out of town. y’know, she’s ?. we’re havin’ a huge, major rager up at my pad. jacuzzis, bubbles, chablis, into the whole gig. are you into it or what?

(well, who’s gonna be there?)

it’s gonna be me and you

(uh-uh, i have a boyfriend)

so? i have a girlfriend. ah-woo…

the moral to the story my stoney, crusty buds
when lisa shines you fully, get a other nugs
? pot, don’t let her harsh your gig
witness three o’clock, there’s another rig

lisa lisa! (pauly, pauly)
buff the weaz
lisa lisa! (pauly, pauly)
i gotta ? anyways

bottom line is, man, just love one another, peace and stuff alright?

word to the we-easals
i’m outta here, ah-wooo…

- pauly shore testo

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