paul dianno – women in uniform testo

attendere prego...

beehive hairdo, 45 on the hip
patrolwoman saunders, don’t you give her no whip
took me to the station for a breathtest
then back to the bedroom for some house-arrest

women in uniform, sometimes they look so cold
women in uniform, but, oh! they feel so warm
coming back to london on a 747
stewardess made me feel like i’m in heaven
looking up the aisle to see what i could see
she leaned over said; give it to me
white apr-n, brown leather shoes
the nurse at the clinic left my heart all bruised
gave me a m-ssage, sprained my right
now she takes my temperature every night

[repeat chorus]

women in uniform, women in uniform
women in uniform, women in uniform
commando raid on the lebanese border
sergeant anita, she gives the order
khaki jacket and a love gun
baby, i surrender, let’s have some fun

- paul dianno testo

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