p.y. (@pymakesmusic) – morning breath (freestyle) testo

attendere prego...

part 1
ayo, i’m boutta freestyle on this beat, um
it’s– it’s 5 in the morning
i’m just gonna snap on this one
alright, aye

verse 1:
get out the way, you n-ggas don’t know the way
yeah i was born in the wave
man f-ck did you say
from ny i came but i gotta rep motherland ghana the way
just spitting off of the brain; a whole nother level
i spit the heat like a kettle
f-ck an office, i don’t wanna be a darryl
sh-t man i’m hard as a metal

yeah and i’m g-y like a bag of skittles, i mean happy
and yeah n-gga i make beats (yeah actually)
also i play the keys, i mean practically
and spit bars in the street, naturally
i just get it boy i’m independent and it’s in the spirit
man i’m filled with lyrics and i’m filled with talent
name someone else who fits in my bracket bruh they all just maggots

think you good? you want a challenge?
beating me? yeah that won’t happen
cuz i found my wings and boy i’m flapping (oh d-mn, oh d-mn!)
you tic tac i’m big mac
lyrical g*nius i been that
gimmie a sample i’ll flip that, produce, record, then mix that cuz yeah

after a couple of sessions
got myself together; no more depression
thinking bout music as my main profession
cuz the sh-t i drop be hotter than kelvin
i ain’t got no father figure n-gga
almost said f-ck it and pulled the trigger but i’m good


-oh that wasn’t too bad, yeah
-oh w-ssup?
^aye you better bring your -ss back here
-yo whats up? what you say?
^come back, come back. i got – i got another one
-another one?
^um,yeah, i got another beat
-oh alright, alright
^yeah hold up. lemme pull it up
-uh, this the beat right here?
^yeah, yeah
-alright, alright
-aw sh-t lemme see if i– lemme see if i got anything left

pt 2:

p.y. up on the track
2 songs man back to back
y’all didn’t know that i could rap
i been had that that’s a d-mn fact

i’mma just spit it, i’mma get it, i’mma get it good
wish a n-gga would
wouldn’t trade my skin if i could

it’s apparent i’m missing a parent
(i spit that flame; guess i’m choleric)
my talent genetic
deep in my skin; embedded
i spit the bars i inherit discography full of merit

i sing rap and edit
plz give a n-gga some credit aye listen
young black and handsome, that be my aesthetic

n-ggas live in the past, i stay in the present
you a five im a seven wait matter fact i’m 11
all your homies is fake and all mine n-ggas is brethren
shoutout my bros, shoutout brandon
others weaker than peasants
i’m full of bars like i’m pregnant
i’m full bars never ending

please get to stepping
and get up out my direction
yeah ya’ll should leave yall upsetting
to your right there’s the exit
uh, something bout brexit

- p y pymakesmusic testo

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