origami angel – origami bagel testo

attendere prego...

watching television, dubbed in real bad german
but how could i mind, i love the plot line
i love the sunshine when it’s in your eyes
as they make their way towards mine

i know you’re still here with me, even if it’s in my dreams
right when i need you, just how it’s supposed to be

do you ever remember when i’d take the bus for an hour and change just to see you? i don’t think i’ll ever forget
no no no no no no no
cuz in these memories it feels like i’m floating like 50 feet over the ground and as long as i have that i’ll never be alone
i’ll never be alone
i’ll never be alooneee
i’ll never be aloneeeeeee

cuz i
i know
i know you’re
you’re still

here with me ooo000ooo00oo
here with me 🙂

- origami angel testo

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