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oj da juiceman – kush testo

attendere prego...

[chorus: x2]
kush got me faded, faded, i’m strapped with nuthin but babies, babies, i’m flyin down 20, 20, finna make bout 80, 80

[verse 1:]
a normal da in da hood juice smokin kushey, trap in da hood and i’m sellin nuthin but duces flyin down 20 with a trunk full a cookies a 80 play jugg and i move like keith brookin, ridin in da coope throw da duces and keep lookin pinky ring stupid and my chain is like a movie fo’ stash spots in my orange and black doolie pontiac grand prix i did it fo’ da groupies, kush on deck(deck) babies on deck (deck) young juiceman straight cash no checks, posted in yo hood with a pot and a scale trap goin ham and dey had to call 12

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
flyin down 75 finna make bout 85 kush got me faded with 10 bricks on my p-sseger side, jacob watch, brightnem watch, d-mn look how time fly, we in pittsburg? d-mn dats a long ride, makin plays outta town still sellin cream pies, project posted all about dem dead green guys, money so long like da hours on green mile, corner stone shawty servin nuthin but break down, public housin help da juice get dis money piled, prada six cell phone got new cars breakin down, everyday with a new b-tch dats how i get down stupid color chain and my dunk trunk a count down

[chorus x2]

[verse 3:]
studio workin, dope hole workin, right hand good, benz look like steve urcle, chevy seat 10 and it’s strapped with nuthin but babies, rap game easy and da dope game gravy, raised in da abbla wasn’t born at gradies, trapped at da sto’ and used to eat at sadies, bombs so big could’a swore it was da 80’s, boulder crest workin and my boys like da navy

- oj da juiceman testo

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