nova585 – nolliminati testo

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track 1. nollinimati intro nova explains about how he was approached by the illuminati. track 2. im 27 nova explains the struggles he faced as a member of the illumnati and how he got into the illuminati track 3 no limitations nova explains how he didn’t let his affiliation with the illuminati limit his love for making music track 4 rise nova using positive affirmations to break the negative energy put on him by the illuminati track 5 number 1 nova puts his life on the line for trying to empower himself and his people cause we are number 1 track 6 rngc nova u ses his new found influence to call for his people to form a real n-gga gun club to k!ll all cops! track 7 c nollinimati nova goes to the illuminati face to face and disses them all with pride joy and raw enthusiasm to break the illuminati spell thats cursed for 4 yrs to help k!ll the illuminati and k!ll the illuminati nova so nova can be resurrected to became the artist and person he was meant to be so he can live with no limitations

- nova585 testo

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