nolan lewis – 40 (freestyle) testo

attendere prego...

doing freestyle me style
beast wild goin’ the extra mile
i’m climbing up to top o’ piles
i seen ‘bout 2 different girls on white aisles
ay you wanna bank shot use the backboard
ay you wanna put my sh on blast use the aux cord
ok ko with the boxmore
224 with the 44 that’s 2 44s yeah
and it’s hard being independent
all this cash and time i don’ spent it
i got emotions and i need to vent it
if you gon’ talk about me hope you meant it
gotta take some time to thank my parents
they the reason i got an appearance
they the ones who kept all the faith
help me aspire to make my sh great
doin’ this without a profit
ditto need to know i’m on it
ditto ain’t really that honest
without the funds like i’m amish
40 bars yeah that’s chillin’ me
all these b is my mini-me
outdated i should call you wii
none of these haters in front o’ me
y’all been tryna run up on me
grind full time d double-e (savage)
u v that’s a bubble-d
sh i said that’s the younger me
y’all been under me don’t need no company
i’m fighting companies
been praying on my knees
to get some new abilities
3 story trilogy
you get it? is you feelin’ me
i’m stuffy antihistamine
i probably shouldn’t be so mean
i’m on this
i’m a fugitive of music
nicki & b
that’s flawless
if you wanna draw
then let’s call this
eat it up like i’m starving
get it on like that’s marvin
standing strong i ain’t falling
40 bars yeah i’m all in

- nolan lewis testo

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