noirbyt – the legion has arrived ft. raideraid testo

attendere prego...

{intro: noribyt}
timing yea
such a bad timing
but i’ll do no crimes against my clan
they know i’m the man
and i stay counting bands
sh+t out of hand
reverbing through all the lands

{verse 1: raideraid}

do what you can run for your life
they causing strife
your spirit may leave you tonight
we all gone die
so just fight for yo m+th+f+ckin life
fight with the strength you found inside
it’s all alright
the spirits are sleeping tonight
we moving inside all through the night
is where we stay where we reside
no better time than tonight, show em our light
see how we shine
through the dark no compromise
see us without your eyes
they all blind!
can’t see the lies we all being fed every day
where ya heads at
we all looking dead man praise to the deadmen
feed us all the energy
for our pupils to reach the highest peak every day
stride for the great they all hate
i can’t see em anyway

{verse 2: noirbyt}

anway, akastuki a lockey
lame ass m+th+f+ckahs they steady with the plotting
cut they ass up raikiri like kakashi
next thing i know nothing left not a heartbeat
yea its the climax!
choke a n+gga out like i’m didact!
forerunning events like history like a carbon
changing the future forever yea we’ve been plotting
while these wack n+ggas stay at the bottom yea they rotting
i’ll just fly above to my starship
i’ll just fly through the skies
eeny meeny miny moe nowhere to go
nowhere on my mind
only did ketamine just to pass the time
so time flies by
time flies by
oh yea she’s my baby
not yo lady
so i don’t know where to go it’s too late
it’s too late
it’s too late

{verse 3: raideraid}

it’s too late they took me out my grave
they want to see me down, they want to see me hang
but i can’t hang they faking, let em hang off a branch
mess around with satan, probably why they hating
probably why you hanging, you can’t hang with some demons
morph in whatever we need em to believe in
we the faith we stride every day creating everything
that brings us joy, you break just like a toy
we never breaking like a speed demon
i just drive and slide like i’m drifting
wake up dawg are you listening?
do you get the picture are you willing to work every day
and keep the pressure the power of progression
the most valuable lesson
lack of that knowledge will leave your soul in the stretcher
combine and intertwine
that’s how to live our lives
no compromise, that’s how it goes
that’s just how i feel no need to overthink
just pray to god we don’t sink

{verse 4: noirbyt}

time yea
such a bad time
but i’ll do no crimes against my clan
they know i’m the man
and i stay counting bands
sh+t gets out of hand
reverbing through all the lands
reverb these n+ggas do not learn
yearn to fly high with wings like a bird
won’t get very far rapping petty words
moms always told me i just rap with curse words
i curse these n+ggas to stay at the bottom
no evil intentions i just want they talents to blossom
holding off they true gifts capped inside like a bottle
ill nurture these n+ggas take a sip out my bottle
i’m a green leaf but one day i’ll fall like autumn
automatically someone new will rise up to the top
only because he took a sip out my baby bottle pop
he knew that taste was so good
try to steal my style, i wish this n+gga would
put em on a stake right on top of that wood
lit em with my bars, right where that n+gga stood!

{outro: naruto and pain}


- noirbyt testo

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