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nicki minaj – girlfriend testo

attendere prego...

[chorus: x2]
this for my girlfriend
this is for my – this is for my girlfriend [x2]
this is for my b.f.f – girlfriend

ayo where my bff?
where my playboy bunny?
where that n-gg- hugh heff
when we pull up at the light
why everything else get left?
why they screwin up they face?
why they lookin a hot mess?
why they be like no they didn’t
them b-tches is always sh-ttin
my clock be tick tick tick tickin
them chickens is finger lickin
and that’s why we do em greasy
stuntin that louie veezy
we straight with all the perm and you b-tches is stupid peezy
would you like some rice with that?
we get alotta cheese no mice with that?
i mean i want some ice with that
no soda, where your owner?
get your license back


that’s my girlfriend, g-g-g-girlfriend
don’t forget the brush, blowdryer and the curlin iron
that’s my girlfriend
tell them hoes stoppington
they know they want everything that we be coppington
wherever i slide thru
i gotta go buy two
if i get it in the pink i get her the light blue
brand new range rover that was for her bday
i just auctioned off some sh-t
you could get it on e-bay
anyway we vip, we don’t even need id
put em in the icu
if they don’t bring the ice
get them bottles of rose
one long island ice-ee tea
put my bracelet in the mirror
icy me, icy me, get it?


excuse me
there’s way too many groupies
why don’t you just sit back or dance
sorry we don’t chit chat with fans
we came in the diablo
or was a galardo
we got the top down doors that murcielago
lp460 b-tches that’s the motto

- nicki minaj testo

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