negus millieu – did you know testo

attendere prego...

did you know i came up from nothing
did you know i was hustling
gave it up for something someone
did you know the —- sent me
gave me the recipe
did you know all my people invisible
that’s the way its supposed to be

everyone on the elevator
i’m at the bottom of the bottle flipped it
swear way i got to the top sh-t was scripted
got some room to breathe
saving time i’ll need it later
don’t put me on a pedestal ain’t ya savior
see through your bullsh-t doing the world a favor
really really
dial martin shkrelli
ain’t about the money
on my way bridger capital
quick to shout el chapo
forgot may was coming
life resembling a fable
ain’t able to put it in sentences
or i’ll be facing sentences
dea giving me leeway
can’t say anything bout texas
or about one of my ex’s
wonder why there million dollar churches
still homeless walk round shirtless
tip of the iceberg call it the preview
i show you what they really do

- negus millieu testo

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