nct (dj) – go back home testo

attendere prego...

solesh mah to noat miloh thatchtoap
quam tereh senehn
go home, yeah, son
vacant stare leaves him icy
it was silent
deep island
she followed her necklace
to her kings
they were chanting
“stop!” he said
“too close!” he said
“don’t touch her or you might leave her dead.”
watched her while he tilt his head and
wiped the sweat off his forehead
and they said
“go home, yeah, son
back where you belong
and know we’ll stay strong.”
ancient ruin song
“think you know it all
you weren’t there during the fall
no one to rely on
all on our own.”
hovering in the dark sp-ce
far away from the cityscape
boulders blocking her face
under a spell she was shining
the thought of her skin and her body
in the water, close beside her
her curious smile and her n0ble air
he wasn’t worthy, and now he knew it
glowing form made its escape
from the rocks, lowered safely
“please stay close, don’t be afraid
i have to go, it will be okay.”

- nct dj testo

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