nate dogg – all night long testo

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“all night long”

it’s a party y’all, tear the roof right off
bounce with the double o-g
alllllllll night looooong
get off the wall, all of y’all
wake up all the people who sleep
alllllllll night looooong

let’s grooooooove lady
i don’t wanna sleep with you, but maybe later on i do
too smoooooooth baby
c’mon let me dance with you, girl i like the way you move

home after a hard day’s work
i wanna see the mini skirt
tonight i wanna take you out
i wanna know what you about
i need to grab some juice and gin
i need to call a couple friends
i want to see you shake it and
i hope this party never ends


where else would i go? what else would i do baby?
it’s a party with you lady, ahhhhhhh
i know you want to, it’s all up to you baby
we can party all night baby, ahhhhhhh


this party won’t stop (all night long)
let’s take it to the top, all night long (all night long, all night long)
this is where i wanna be, my loved ones and me
all night long (all night long, all niiiiight)
go ahead get off the wall, tear the roof right off
all night long (all night long, allllll, all night)
welcome one, and welcome all, to the city by the deep blue sea
where they party all night long, all night long


all night [5x]

- nate dogg testo

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