n-frost – mad max testo

attendere prego...

putting yo head in the gr-ss and im eating your -ss and im thick like a b-ss
come and call me madmax, put it in a backpack, gonna make her p-ssy wet, i ain’t a motherf-cker
that’ll never cost a toosie vet

gonna come an get em when i bit em and i hit em and i sit em and i get em and i never hit the venom
but i always wear the denim but i need to come an get em cuz im breakin all these brackets cuz u need to come and let em

that sh-t is fantastic, im snorting the plastic, i travel galactic, call me a fanatic
im doin it cl-ssic, im in my long casket, i need to start rappin it slower, i forward the clover
this sh-t isn’t over, call me a low stoner cuz i double it over!

switchin the flow cuz i cannot breathe, climbin the mountain and feelin the breeze, better go harder
cuz this is for carter who chops down my trees, im rappin it faster cuz joyner’s my paster, you are a low actor from all of this laughter, im gonna retract her and pull out of my tractor

comin an makin it past that, lickin an pickin madmax, stickin an makin the facts that, comin an sit em and stealin your soul, comin an f-ckin em and makin an takin an makin it whole!

this is ridiculous, fatter then sh-t and then call me saint nicolas, eating the licorish, i am ambiguous, tastin the bitter p-ss, dont u stop lickin this, eating the p-ssy like russel with sk!llfullness

millimeter peter gonna run a little meter, when i put em a song, he’s gonna go and chill on by the heater!

- n frost testo

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