missy sera – believe testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: missy sera]
give me a dollar and a dream, because life ain’t what it seems
i mastered all this madness just to live out all my dreams
i took a road that’s way less traveled, i’m shooting for the stars
my life got wrote by heaven just so i could be with mars
the streets ain’t never want me, didn’t think i could survive
they took my money and my freedom, but they couldn’t take my life
they couldn’t take my pride regardless of the things they tried
i am custom built by god i am the bonnie to his clyde
i was always doubted, no one wanted to believe
people love to see me down they didn’t want me to succeed
they don’t want me to achieve the greatness i am meant to be
they don’t really have a choice, because you know i’m backed by vee
i just need a ray of hope to get me through this night
it’s like this tunnels been so long and i am longing for the light
and for those times i need to breath, you give me something to believe
and to this world i offer up my blood for your reprieve

so give me something to believe
cause i am living just to breath
and i need something more
to keep on breathing for
so give me something to believe

[verse 2: cardiac]
(yes) with missy and vee together, this nothing short of a cl-ssic
world drastically declining, no more free p-sses
this soul food to lift hip hop right out the ashes
the purge is so real time to release the madness
i respect art, thinkers with longevity
music saved my life so lame i could never be, (nah)
if it ain’t my time cool, just improve the recipe
can’t blame the fans they gotta eat, but nothing’s free, (ok)
this for the ones that was told that they couldn’t
had dreams deterred whole locked in central booking
birds eye view, depends where you looking
no matter the situation you can do it keep cooking
the game needs new blood, my fangs so fresh
in the way of my success i detach ’em from their flesh
thoughts become things on the road to my dreams
we need something to believe to bring peace to the streets, lets go!


[verse 3: smash adams]
i need a reason to believe a good deed is its own reward
i’m starving and it’s easy to leave my morals at the door
i don’t know why it feels like karma wants to go to war
cause i’m not in love with money, but i don’t like being poor
of course i’ve never been a saint, but i can practice what i preach
and i can act on what i say and keep my grasp within my reach
i’d rather chase the things i want while i preserve the things i need
so i continue being hungry to afford the cost of beats
and that’s just how it goes, i’ve got to see it through
hip hop is a powderkeg and i got the match to light the fuse
i’ve got to bring the pain, no novacane, i’ll pull your tooth
so say nay now you naysayers i’m waiting for you to make me lose
when i’ve got the herbal burning, concerned with my earnings
i’m worried every time the first is recurring my pockets start hurting
i got tokeep learning to fight the magic of merlin
but i’ve been cursed by missy sera so the madness is certain!

- missy sera testo

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