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miguel – quickie testo

attendere prego...


mami you looking like i’m just another guy
that came to check you
that came to wreck you
no disrespect but mami that’s correct cause…
what’s in them jeans just got my mind hectic
i can see that you’re feeling my p-ssion
is it cause i’m flashing (hmm)
or is it this cash that’s just way too reckless
or is it this necklace
wait, let me interrupt myself with this message. see,

i don’t wanna be loved
i don’t wanna be loved
i just wanna quickie
no bite marks, no scratches, and no hickeys
if you can get with that, mami come get with me
i don’t wanna be loved
i don’t wanna be loved
i just wanna quick fix
up in your mix miss
send me your wishlist
i have you addicted
so mami come hit this

mami i realize that i’m manish
speak a language of love like spanish
“quero fugir”
i’m so obscene and know what i mean?
yeah sorry that was portuguese
and i speak with ease
please (aha) get on them knees
i gotta penny for your thoughts
if you know what i mean


don’t be offended babe
by what i say
it’s just a game
and how i play
pillage and plunder
call me your plumber
knock on this wood
get rocked by this thunder [x2]

[chorus (until music fades)]

- miguel testo

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