merc – 100 bars in orlando testo

attendere prego...

yeah, it’s like 12:30
shouts lakeland, shouts orlando
everyone riding

[verse 1: merc.]
yeah yeah
just know i work with this certainty
f-cking with b-tches so purposefully
none of these rappers be hurting me
merc’s been sick
like he’s got the flu
just so you know when you’re coming through
stop at the door
take off your shoes
bruh, your manners
where are your manners
i’m so demanding of my house guests
vicious of the success
doing what we want, now they’re upset
all-over beats like dubstep
never could you catch me
i’m catching success
sipping and i’m puffing, now i’m up to full throttle
smoked 100 joints and the homies k!lled the bottles
bruh, cool it with the squabble
f-ck what’s going on
we ain’t worried about tomorrow
struggle with the snakes like the boys in deathly hallows
diving into flows, hope the beat ain’t shallow
ballin’ i’m ballin’
the boss, they be fallin’
f-ck all the stallin’
i’m right to the top
shout out the lakeland, the squad
that’s the mob
we should go far away, we should go far away
people ain’t know i’m the star today
f-cking with me? boy it’s hard to say
smart with the words
yeah, i got the play
on the early come up
man i knew i wanted somethin’
now them syllables are runnin’
now im bucking just to gunnin’
get into the top spot, giving women lock jaw
riding with the flow, i ain’t never been a southpaw
talking all that noise?
bring it to your house calls
always been big league
we ain’t never playing small ball
working at the craft
hit the flex
yeah that’s john wall
racing, moving
under the influence
rap i’m the smoothest
school i am truant

- merc testo

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