meg dia – the one testo

attendere prego...

“the one”

just go, just walk away,
so bittersweet, you’re already far away.
take with you, our memories
they’re opening like summer flowers.
don’t you be fooled
i loved you more, than i would ever dare tell you, i’d ever dare tell you.
i’ll let you go, i’m only holding you back,
you’re more than a small town, you’re more than a small soul.
close those pretty eyes. don’t look behind.
what did i tell you? that past is past, don’t let it follow you.
don’t think, that by any day…i’ll forget your face.
how could one forget you?
hard to let go of something once you get hold of it..once you get hold of it, ya.
don’t you think for a moment…
that you aren’t worth all of it.

- meg dia testo

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