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mc lars – summer camp love (is so in tents) testo

attendere prego...

oh hey, how was bird watching?
i made this for you in arts and crafts
it’s a clay zombie figure
i know you like zombies right? okay

[mc lars]
i met a girl by the boathouse, she’s so lovely
all i want from her is to kiss and hug me
honestly i’m homesick but she makes it all better
wow that’s beautiful – what’s more beautiful?
the way she looks at me when she busses her tray
pen-15 on my hand, sharpie won’t wash away
thought i was played out on this whole love thing
but she’s the type of girl i’d ask to wear my onion ring
i’m 10 years old, i thought girls were gross
but this one’s cool, she likes my jokes
i’ll keep her safe during capture the flag
spy on my team for her, enraptured that bad
we go for a walk, i reach for her hand
i’m like “i think i like you” she’s like “that was the plan”
i made her a sculpture in arts and crafts
i farted on the hike, she was the only girl who laughed
summer camp love is so intense
i’d french kiss her if i knew what that meant!

down by the lake there’s a girl that i know
we met at camp almost six weeks ago
no one can tell what next year might hold
at summer camp

then next may comes
she calls me
she tells me she won’t be at camp this year
i don’t know what to say
i’m sad
fast forward eight years
what a surprise
it was well worth the wait

[mc lars]
yo, i’m 19 now with a fun summer job
camp counselor for kids and it doesn’t seem odd
working at the same place i used to go to
you want camp traditions? well let me show you
and guess who’s back on staff this year?
little miss heartbreaker – oh dear!
all grown up and i’m thinking maybe
time can do beautiful things to a lady
skinny-dipping in the lake, she starts to blush
i reach for her hand and i feel the rush
i hold her close, and pretty soon
we’re falling in love under a tahoe moon
i’m like “i think i missed you” she’s like “i missed you too”
this is what time and patience can do
summer camp love is so intense
i’d be her man if i knew what that meant!


september comes, we go back to college
i holla at her on facebook
she’s all up on my wall and shizz
she calls me the next may
she asks if i’m working again
fast forward 20 years

[mc lars]
now we’re both adults, it happened so fast
and somehow our marriage has happened to last
had a ceremony by the boathouse
where the 10 year old me, first checked her out
and everyone was there, our family and friends
i think i like the way this story ends
we had a little girl who just turned 10
oh no – here we go again!

[madeline] mom, dad, umm
[mc lars] what’s up maddie?
[madeline] i met a boy by the boathouse

summer camp love is so intense… it’s so in tents
summer camp love is so intense (cupid must have taken archery lessons)
summer camp love is so intense… it’s so in tents
summer camp love is so intense (this sailboat fits 2 people perfectly)


don’t be scared of the ghost stories, i’m here
the moral of the story is that some songs can be happy
just like life
and even though life can be sad
sometimes you just have to smile
and remember that summer camp love

- mc lars testo

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