mc chris – halloween testo

attendere prego...


[intro/chorus: repeat 2x]
i shoulda brushed my teeth, i got cav-a-ties
mom and dad said no sugar ’til halloween

to tell you the truth, i love baby ruth
but what it does to my tooth, is very uncouth
i love razzle and spree, but i don’t want gum disease
i love root beer barrels but i’m scared of losin my teeth
i brush twice a day, and i’m flossin for real
sometimes i need a snack, that don’t come in a peel
i need somethin sweet, i feel defeated and weak
i gotta have my fix or homeboy’s gonna freak
my bubble’s gonna break if i don’t get some bubble tape
pouch of big league chew will do, popeye’s spinach would be great
sour cherries very awesome, sour patch is good in batches
swedish fish, my favorite dish, it satiates the m-sses
lemonheads make me pucker, red hots make me snots
i’d like some mike & ikes, now and later if you gots
you know i got the motts, but i hope there is no penance
afraid i’ve done some damage now i’m off to the dentist – what?


bad news (what?) i’m totally busted
my molars are appaling, i’ve neglected bicuspids
my mom and dad are mad, at me i gotta couple cavities
stuck with celery sticks, i’ve been tricked, it’s a tragedy
apples and oranges, which can be delicious
banana and berries, which i’ve heard are nutricious
my kingdom for a bottle cap this cr-p is malicious
fall to (pieces) like (reese’s) cause these sweets are suspicious

[bat-man voice]
candy tastes good but it’s not good for you
youur parents aren’t mad, they truly adore you
we all eat sweets, we know that they’re awesome
your smile should shine like my signal in gotham

before i hoover candy i will halt with hesitation
everything in moderation, even moderation
ny chompin congregation needs brushin on occasion
sweets cannot be beat but even teeth need a vacation
you hear that kids? mc chris brushes before and after every meal
and sometimes, i’m ev-i’m-even brushing during the meal!
disgusting! don’t do that though
just do what i said, at the beginning
don’t do… the second part
okay, see ya kids!


- mc chris testo

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