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maybach music group – self made testo

attendere prego...

“self made”
(performed by wale, meek mill, pill, rick ross & teedra moses)

[intro: talking – rick ross]
self made
gotta handle your own
i’m a handle mine

[verse 1: wale]
they tried and tell me i don’t fit up in this motha f-cka
cause rozay been talkin white he think he uncle ruckus
i laugh at jimmy, they was spending silly with my budget
and now i’m rolling with some cooler n-gg-s i can f-ck with
you by the cooler yea you n-gg-s don’t get no tick
b-tch i think i’m jean wolf (don’t know correcct spelling)
a dog n-gg-, ballin’ b-tch
fly as ricky steam boat
me and my moschino
i don’t wear no 501’s
1000 dollar jeans flow
it’s funny i’m gucci man all the slates gone
i’m winning cause ricky made my mistakes known
it’s funny that since i put this chain on
these b-tches appear quicker than state farm

wale folarin somethin they can’t ever smoke
weed i can’t pr-nounce man
this sh-t would leave rosetta stoned

this man can single handedly save the culture
you got no spark you need some lighter man you sammy sosa
so get it right ok you ballin and i’m with the owners
you know my drive is r-t-rded like i’m riding doughnuts

picture me rollin’
young, handsome and focused
got that vision of pac
and though my branding is oprah
michelangelo portrait meet mia angelou notebook
michael jordan performance n-gg- i dream to be all of it
yea, i’m just a poet with some hangtime
i don’t really shakespeare
i just shake dice

miami nights, made a couple grand
private plane tsa can kiss my -ss
lord forgive me i’m trying know i ain’t living right
but this card i’m trickin’ with got no limit right
in this life you dead wrong or ain’t living right
they on my -ss like a center make them take a hike

[verse 2: meek mill]
it’s mmg baby
the dream team
i made it myself
guess i’m self made
fire starter put me anywhere i just blaze
dropped out of school never made it to the 12th grade
i’m so f-cking raw haters hoping that i catch aids
motivated just from being broke
had a dream like martin luther, little bit of hope
if sam rosen never rolled and malcom never spoke
they’d probably find me in the woods hanging from a rope
instead the lock me in the cell just for sellin dope
when people used to ask if i was signed i would tell them no
cause i was never hesitant to represent
devil knocking at the door screaming let me in
tell the owner hit the locks when we stepping in
charlie sheen on them haters, they don’t wanna let me win
nah, n-gg-s they don’t wanna let me win
but i’m a build it ground up, once again
i kill these rappers early in the game, abortion
spit a verse like lemme get ya fam, extortion
send these n-gg-s back to when they came, deportion
make’m forefeit and i’m porshin 600 horses
911, somebody call’em
kemba walker crossem over, somebody fallin
jump back, i hit the shot, somebody ballin
i’m at the dealer and i hear that maserati callin
black and white diamonds looking like my neck be vollyballin
and this presi lookin like somebody pottied on it
i don’t gotta join illuminati just to get a new bugatti
i’m just ridin i done put a thousand miles on my body

[talking: rick ross]
born to win
look around
from the projects to the penthouse
our vision never changed, we self made
count that up

[verse 3: pill]
self made self paid man
p-i double l in the building
8 in the morning when that street clock bust
kitchen overload
door kn-b turns
the aisle burn baking soda pourin’
the clientele buy and sell like a p-wn shop
profit margings increase
agent to beat with my gun out
out witted, out foxed you over matched
house hidden, drop tops the sofas match
this is fine dine take out
first date make out
diamonds blind the lens and camera men on the stakeout
as i enter the steak house pockets on humongo
philosphical drama and wildin known as the congo
africana, black as ghana, be my attire
mary water, marajuana that stick to get higher
we blow stress through the vessel, the marriott
we self made, carry on while we carry out

[rick ross:]
if i woke up tomorrow and didn’t have a dolla
as long as i have my heart i can get it all over

dream team
we the 93 chicago bulls baby
the lovely teedra moses

- maybach music group testo

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