mary chapin carpenter – fading away testo

attendere prego...

fading away

you are fading away in pieces and parts
like old china and gl-ss, in fragments and shards
moment by moment, a day at a time
by the side of the road, in the dark of the night

you are leaving me here like the seasons will do
leaving nothing behind but i know it was you
that walked where i walk now, that stood where i stand
some phantom performing a strange sleight of hand

and the places i see are returning once more
to the places i knew them to be long before
they merged with your laugh
they locked with your eyes
i have almost regained them,
along with my stride

you are turning to nothing like ash off a fire
as it rises and floats up higher and higher
as the flame slowly dies and the fire turns cold
like the color of sky the higher you go

and the world that i see is returning once more
to the world that i knew it be long before
it had merged with your laugh
it had locked with your eyes
i’ve been letting it go, with all my goodbyes

you are blurring like memory and falling like dust
on old wedding bouquets, the roses and rust
on the wheel, on the mantle,
in the quiet of day
you are vanishing slowly
you are fading away

- mary chapin carpenter testo

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