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“head nod”

head nod is an autobiographical encapsulation of mc marshall hugh’s past and current life experiences. he explores his slave ancestry and what motivates him to rap

[nod heads] everybody know why i came
spit a scheme that make ‘um shake up they brain
[nod heads] swear my mind transcends when the dj plays my band
but if there’s sunshine or if there’s rain
heat wave or blizzardin’
i chose the game…
i will remain…

verse 1

got the hero’s perspective
inception from marshall texas-
where my family broke connections
with our slavery ancestry
from that day forward we were destined
change directions migrated westward
we gon’ get our piece of this pie
same dream up in my eyes
that my daddy had in la
when he watched the watts riots-
now my city on fire
from the latest protest
stress be weighing down my neck
need to find my inner balance
need to focus all my talents


verse 2

got game well equipped
part ways with the whips
broke chains on my wrists
but the pain still exists
i insist that you listen
every word that i spit
got gone with the wind-
wrote bars- in my sentence
switch goals to intention
made kings of my henchmen
turn starters into bench men
hoop varsity as freshmen
it start pouring when it rain
it got boring bein’ the same
i had to pull a couple strings
break yo’ neck when i sing


1. marshall is the seat of harrison county, texas and prospered in the 19th century due to cotton picked by a large enslaved population. marshall hugh is named for this city, the home of his great grandfather, hugh m-ssengale
2. the watts riots of 1965 were witnessed by marshall’s father randy m-ssengale who instilled the importance of oral history in his son
3. here marshall mentions gone with the wind to demonstrate his knowledge and understanding of cl-ssic, racist american literature
4. when used here, the word “bars” refers to rap lyrics intentionally placed in college essay

- marshall law band testo

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