mario william vitale – natalie wood the gal from the hood testo

attendere prego...

the desert was vast without water to quench for thirst now first things first
lay awake at the silver post become more alert drink plenty of liquids so neat
today is often yesterday played thought of feathers as if spock amazed…,
the bowling ball the certain pulse of a good mans regard to over react
simple time…

ignore those lies
paralyzed between the lines;
together as we should share a secret hence forever
live through pine combs bumped through her crazy eyes
trim the roots to cover the intention to host the pain

ready to understand mostly anything
these are the times that try mens soul a summer socialite and winter torn element
bizarre legs spread into the vast domain
close emory for one to believe rolling thunder waves in the sand
lest you forget to understand

- mario william vitale testo

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