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maria mena – my heart still beats testo

attendere prego...

n-body said it was gonna be easy
but when i forgive there are no strings attached
was not gonna bring up your flaws in an argument
not gonna rest on a counter-attack

when you first revealed your betrayal
my first reaction was “how dare you rob me of my trust”
but not even this would be able to shake
our foundation ‘cause it was created by us

i can still see you
front row point of view

we spent our entire relationship fighting each other
our goals were exactly the same
i put you through h-ll by demanding apologies
even though i was the one causing pain

with your little mishap the ball was in my court
to prove i could be the stronger one of us
by taking over the role you so elegantly played
those years when i needed a rock

i can still see you
front row point of view

it hurts, but i’m not about to give you up
though broken, my heart still beats, it will not stop, stop.

- maria mena testo

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