macta%c2%a4tus – sanctity in murdere testo

attendere prego...

annihilation of eg slaughter-
crushing once constraint torture-add to suicidal instinct
worshipnig the path of death reshape the day of reckonig forwarding to kill be reborn as a
serenade under the eyes of wrath crawl to the reunification murder-
increasing once pride slaughter-
withdrawal of restraint suicide
the way to abandonment an -ssembly of the chaos pattern creator of secklusion and apostasy the
coulisse of deadending saints marauders
carving at the sickening guilt complex succeeding in deprivation of vitality murder
calling upon self
destruction slaughter
seduced to crave fulfilment suicide
the only way out stumbling to depr-ssion as a stagegering prey of agony l-st is the key to
destruction envy
the beholder of wrath gaining whilst inflicting mourning suicide
calling upon self
destruction suicide
seduced to crave fulfilment suicide
the ending chapter

- macta c2 a4tus testo

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