macta%c2%a4tus – provenance of cruelty testo

attendere prego...

oh… darkness inside me, please let me out of here
i can’t feel anything any more
you can’t hide yourself from me, i am inside you
oh god, what is this
wher am i and where is my god
i have taken your f-cking soul
come with me to the ultimate h-ll
i call the fallen angle to praise my soul
kneel for my feet
your convulsive body shall be in pain
for me… you are nothing… nothing
just a rotting corpse
my h-ll is here and will be with me for eternity, pray for me
i’m condemned in h-ll condemned in h-ll
i see the macabre dancers unfolding themselves
the s-xless dogs await me
my immortal flames stand in front of you
here shall you be
and here shall you be in pain
sing your last te deum and pray for you sin
welcome to the provenance of cruelty

- macta c2 a4tus testo

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