mackan lamar – let them sing testo

attendere prego...

am moving with the team
birds dancing in the dark
you know i let them sing
ice cold chains, cold like its ice cream
make no sound, i gat music all in my dreams

ryhming to the drum, let the birds sing x2
money piling in the draws, i let it breed x2
music in my head, i let the all angels sing x2
drink got me drowsy, i let the angels sing x2

verse 1
n0body stayed around, n0body made me
i made myself, all these hustles all they made me
now am balling, saucing like a wild beast
base large, chasing papеr off from my dreams
i had no mentor, am sharp like a lasеr beam
ran out of rolling paper, started rolling in paper
dew ice cold, look at my neck, i gat glaciers
heart is racing, codeine burnt my esteem
my phone is buzzing
money is calling
god is calling, you know i pick up
n0body signed me, so i had to sign me
i used my phone just to make my first ep
times were dark, so i had to find me
i lost myself in these drugs, it was extreme
now am shooting for the top
like a moonbeam x3
changes on my team, am after loyalty
bad energy, am done with fake loyalty
you wanna join the team, you got prove your loyalty
mama told me, stay away from bad company
am bad company
i had to stay away from myself
i changed my goals
putting all these stars to sleep x3
music in my head
you know i let the birds sing
drink got me drowsy, i let them sing
money piling in the draws, i let it breed
yah i let it breed

verse 2
i wasnot true to myself, i was faking over
the drugs in my life, was always taking over
i got no choice but to take over
pull up at the bank and cops take cover
coming for the paper and all iced product
do a split in the bank and they take cover
i shoot twice at the ops and they cross over
slide fast in get away, we roll over
driving fast changing lane stop over
haters with mad looks on my new rover
on my tail, driving in a rental
when we catch you, we wipe your dentals

they all want you, when you up
when you leave, they leave
you make it, they come around
waiting for your mistake and they laugh
y’all n+ggas messed up
when you counted us out
cause now we popping up (pa mpa)
looking at us n they hating on us

purple rain

- mackan lamar testo

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