mac miller – knock knock testo

attendere prego...

“knock knock”

this is gonna feel real good, alright?
most dope
everybody please put a thumb in the air

[chorus: x2]
1, 2, 3, 4 some crazy–ss kids come and knock up on your door so
let em in, let em in, let em in (hey)

[verse 1:]
i feel like a million bucks
but my money don’t really feel like i do
and from the ground i built my own d-mn buzz
people was amazed i was still in high school
but now i’m out, and money what i’m ’bout
tryin to get so much that i can’t keep count
new kicks give me cushion like whoopie
keep a smile like an eat’n park cookie
everything good, i’m white boy awesome
up all night – johnny carson
i ain’t gotta benz, no just a honda
but try to get my money like an anaconda,
real, real long cross the country
smoke joints in the whip, no cop can bust me
drive into the stage, they applaud and scream
all them pretty little girls come and flock to me, yeah i rock the beat

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
and i like my rhymes witty
all my dimes pretty
if you got weed you can come fly with me
i don’t take pity on them silly little hoes
milly vanilly but this is really how it goes
mouth my words, don’t say sh-t
shhh… shut up b-tch and ride this d-ck
i’m just playin’ let’s have a ball
all we need is some weed, hoes, and alcohol
hey, don’t forget it when i’m wreckin’ it
etiquette for the h-ll of it
smellin’ it when the l is lit
i’m flyer than a pelican
young fresh but i’m so d-mn intelligent
girls givin’ brains ’cause i’m actin’ like a gentleman
in deeper than the water michael phelps was in
finna have a party baby you can tell your friends
we the type lookin’ right still settin’ trends
f-ck a job i’m a get these dead presidents

[chorus: x2]

not a day goes by when i ain’t gettin’ high
they wonder why don’t i go get myself a job
so i can make them bucks but i don’t give a f-ck
no, i feel great b-tch i feel great

[chorus x2]

- mac miller testo

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