lyfe jennings – mama testo

attendere prego...

(feat. anthony hamilton)

[verse 1:]
young man
running the streets
living his dreams of being nino brown
who pleaded the 5th
baby brother
who needed him
his little sister
believed in him
he needs to slow down

then what happens next is something we see of a movie screen
then his days as a n-gg- came to an end
police found him in a pool of blood, clinging onto life
that boy looked up and he said

tell mama
i’m sorry
i was wrong
(i was wrong yeah)
tell mommy
i’m sorry
i was wrong

[verse 2: (anthony hamilton)]
young girl
the same streets
living her dream of being foxy brown
and her teacher who
tested her
and an uncle who
molested her
heavenly father who
still blessing her
she just chose to play around
the pain was just too much
we are just living today and dieing tomorrow
said a prayer
then closed her eyes
nodded slowly
then said wait god before i go
tell mama

tell mama
i’m sorry
i was wrong
(i was wrong yeah!)
tell mommy
i’m sorry
i was wrong

somethings you can change
somethings you can’t
somethings will never be the same
some people cry
some people fly
which one will you choose in your life?
mama you were right all along
mama i was wrong
and another young lifes gone!

- lyfe jennings testo

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