lloyd banks – don’t deserve you testo

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don’t deserve you
(original demo version)

(“j.u.s.t.i.c.e. leaguge! “)
[10 seconds instrumental]

i think i looove you!
but don’t let me get in the waaay, get in the waaay!
don’t let me stop you!
girl! – from doin’ ya thaaang, doin’ ya thaaang!
cause i don’t deserve you!
i don’t wanna hurt you!
play with ya mind, have you runnin’ in ciiircles!
don’t let me get in the waaay! – get in the way!

[verse 1:]
it ain’t even ya p-ss’, i got ya mind!
it’s usually a one way thing but baby girl got mine!
perfection is the formula, when me an her combine
like candy to the corner; yeah, you finger licking fine.
an in due time (uh-huh!) i’m sure, i can please ya, squeeze ya, weak knee ya!
need you, like you need me! – an’ don’t mislead ya!
loves free! – but treat it wrong an’ pay the price get down
on one knee! – that b-tch gon’ leave with half ya life.
man believe me! – i ain’t gon’ feed you bad advice
look it’s easy! – so don’t forget to strap up tight!
right? – i’ll be selfish if i keep ya so
i love u enough to let you go!
cause on the other hand i couldn’t take it
if i – put all i got an’ you an’ someone got you naked!
you work hard for money, but it’s harder when you make it.
the sh-t’s coming fast, so here’s ya heart, before i break it. – yeah!


[verse 2:]
ugh! – what type of n-gg- would i be to hold you up?
you need someone to hold you down to wreck, ya life’s f-cked up!
i gotta shake you out my system (uh-huh!) cause with the f-ckin’ an’ kissin’
an’ all ya emotions mixing puts me in a tough position!
baby, what am i suppose to do?
i can’t controls my actions when i’m close to you!
it’s been way too long, girl we overdue!
i guess the cake ain’t enough; you wanna eat it, too!
see me an’ you! – have a magnet inbetween – that keeps pullin’ me closer
i’m like an addict for ya scream! – you fully loaded toaster.
automatic with the beam! – the baddest on the coast. (coast!)
i gotta have you like the green! – yo’ swagga more than most!
i gotta s-x drive, don’t allow me to l.a.x.
send me the next 5 – look how they crowd on my lap!
booty, breast, thighs; keep ya boy relapsing back
an you deserve way more than that. – i’ll just fall back! (back!)


- lloyd banks testo

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