lisa hannigan – o sleep testo

attendere prego...

o sleep, come for me, i will go quietly,
where the roof doesn’t leak in my heart.
o sleep, come for me,
i’m a boat, sprung a leak,
i’ll hide and you’ll seek a new start

for me. until dawn, i’ll be too gone
to care how grey the day is.
the dreams that it chases away,
they stay asleep.

o sleep, come for me,
i will come willingly,
like a leaf from a tree in october.
o sleep, come for me, i wait hopefully.
i was drunk on a dream, now i’m sober.

from now until dawn,
it can’t be too long for me,
i count the hours
‘til i sleep with your feet by my feet,
your breath on my cheek, asleep.

- lisa hannigan testo

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