lilitu – rise and fall testo

attendere prego...

i’ll wake with bitter life…
as earth has burdened me
so i have burdened man
but less cruel have i been

these days that leave me yearning for you…
times since p-ssed for you and i
…and in my dream, embracing eternal sleep

holding you… i reached my death
i offer you my final breath
a kiss to say goodbye
would that i may rise

what flower hath fallen from heaven?
what flame has risen from h-ll?
…as we shall rise and fall again

(…and the breath of your burning heart
i redeem and dwells within my soul)

how would i know?
it is the fragrance of brooding life…
that i would breath now and
forever more

i shall not vanish into nothing
i would not live could i but die
for the weight of the aeons are upon me
and the sea exhausts my sleep
(…and i vanish like a wasted sun)

- lilitu testo

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