lilflow – in my bag testo

attendere prego...

[chorus: juice wrld]
i hopped out my bag, b-tch i’m in my bag
revenge on my bag, get the last laugh
choppa in my bag, like it’s afghan
i’m cranky as h-ll, i just took my last xan
that b-tch eating white pills like she pacman
high as f-ck, swinging through them trees like i’m tarzan
bi as f-ck, she gon’ f-ck on me then her best friend
bruce wayne, i’m in all black like i’m batman

[verse 1: juice wrld]
hit the curb, put it in reverse, yeah i had to swerve
f-ckin’ with my green, i’ma shoot
feel like larry bird
i know that my fans are the youth, they feel every word
feel like superman in the booth, going ham in the booth
r-e-v-e-n-g-e on my body
bad b-tch say she gon’ ride like a kawasaki
all this ice
choppa hockey stick, but i ain’t playing hockey
feel like stevie wonder, right
i can’t see n0body, right
in that ghost like poltergeist
way she ride this d-ck, she treat it like a motorbike
after i get my nut, i tell her that it’s over right (yeah it’s over right)
then i hit my plug for that lean, sip it over ice

[verse 2: lil flow]
lil flow
b-tch what’s in my bag
b-tch you already know
i ain’t go nowhere without my f-cking dope
i ain’t go nowhere without my f-cking gang
lil flow, i’m just out here doing my thang
pulling up civic, speeding, yeah and switching lanes
it’ll come round like a boomerang
those pills you popping look like ying and yang (they fake)
i got caught up in the rain
throw your contract in the drain
choppa leave you f-cking sprained
know i keep a candy cane
yeah you’re talking sh-t about me
let me guess you’re out of money
let me guess you’re out of money

- lilflow testo

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