lil twist – new money testo

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new money
(feat. mishon)

[mishon (chorus):]
girl thats new money right there, yea thats new money right there, gone see how crispy that feel, how good that looks, how good that smells. soon as they make it, i get it, soon as i get it, i spend it. yea thats new money right there, yea thats new money right there.
oh oh oh, oh oh (new money)
oh oh oh, oh oh (new money)
oh oh oh, oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh (yea thats new money right there)

[twist (verse 1):]
new money right here, this is lil twist and mishon gear with no fear, cause we eating them haters steady tweeting, top of the game while them suckas steady peakin’. so hush up, yea be quiet when i’m speakin’, big money talk twizzy f., the deacon preachin’. im just takin’ off and from them suckas thats leechin’, for instance i’m ballin, them other lil suckas is reachin’. kinda foul, especially now [?] girls talk about, especially now that i’m legal baby, i’m wildin’ out. the young boss ballin babygirl ym the scout, you wanna know if its clout? no doubt, count it out…

[mishon (chorus)]

[twist (verse 2):]
this how money really feel, never slowing down, none cash [?], can i right to have a bill, and me i’m just a chef tryna make another meal. please hand it over, young money soldier, meditate on cash, lil twist doin’ yoga, so much green like the kid mixed with ogre, and i’m so paid wonder why they call me broker. sandy-like smell, thats my black card odour, star on this track, lil twist the young yoda, in a minute i’ma have my momma like oprah, but for now i’m gettin’ new money like i told ya…

[mishon (chorus)]

[mishon (bridge) x2:]
new money right here, young money right here, old money ova’ there, move ova’.
mo’money, who cares, throw money like yea, new money right here it’s ova..

[mishon (chorus)]

- lil twist testo

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