lil richard – come up testo

attendere prego...

[song intro]
what the f-ck, richard?

[verse 1: lil richard]
i’m tired of people tryna be like me
b-tch, i’m up next like imma nominee
yeah i spit game, choppa really stay
i don’t like you [?] p-ss-es same
just different name
gettin’ sick and tired of all the f-cksh-t
yo [?] in the hit, with a stick
look at me and look at you
this ain’t no game, no pikachu
my life is great, yeah, and it’s gettin’ better
just copped a new supreme sweater
save my boy from a thot
sh-t, woulda had ’em hurt
like a gunshot
i learned a lot
from my mistakes
all it woulda caused is pain and aches
i used to have nothin’
pull out the gun and they all start duckin’
i’m on my way to the top
with all this money imma
shop, shop, shop
look at me in the eyes
i can see right through those lies

[hook: yung scarred]
it’s yung scarred, b-tch
and i’m scarred for life, b-tch
hey, wait, ooo, ohh
it’s the come up, b-tch

[verse 2: yung scarred]
shawty in my dms
and she tryna slide
god, baby
she so fine
got a dress on. tryna vibe
got no feelings, tell that b-tch bye
got her panties on the flo’
givin’ head, toss her out the do’
you should know how it go
lean in my system got me slow

[hook: yung scarred]
yeah it’s really the come up
boy talkin’, yeah
he finna run up
so i got the pump
fully loaded up
said he didn’t mean it
wait hold up
wait, hey

[verse 3: yung scarred]
you flexin’ with the same outfit, everyday
came through startin’ waves
yeah, i’m a pathway
you’re girl got my sh-t
her -ss, replay
i just called some hoes, yeah
they on the way
[?] boy finna be a star
pull up in a four car
we finna go far
b-tch, weed in the blunt
no cigar
i remember when i first said
glock 45 with a red beam
eight chains, how i look?
on the whole rap scene
bro my wallet lookin’ fat
with all the green
sprite pink, yeah
i’m still sippin’ lean, yeah
ayy, ayy

[hook: lil richard]
ayy, yeah, ayy
you know i’m on that come up
and i’m really ’bout to blow up
why did your fake self even have to show up?
me and yung scarred really had to pull up

[verse 4: lil richard]
got the high-tech in my cut, blastin’
paper add up like my weight, m-ssive
and i’m really on that come up
p-ssy boy you really need to shut up

[song outro: lil richard]
ayy, y’all already know what it is
it’s lil richard in the cut bro
y’all already know what we’re doin’
we gonna blow up
and make so much money
we on the come up, we straight blindin’
y’know we still watchin’ hentai too

- lil richard testo

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