lejitt – sinnin’ out testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
now i ain’t living no sweet life
do this till my family eat right
sometimes difficult to be nice
caught staring at the stars, what a deep night
i could go on and on running wild about all of them girls
come to find out it’s not money and p-ssy that just runs the world
now i’ve been f-cked about too many times
kinda hard being 17 with so much knowledge, i just got too many rhymes
any of this could blow a mind
had a girl in the past i never should’ve put first
found out she was gallivanting behind my back and d-mn, that sh-t hurt
i’m still young at heart with so much to lose
i wish there was something to help you inside my shoes
f-ck anybody wanting to leave me bruised
i don’t ever lie if i can tell the truth
but i gotta keep my head up
it’s not about all the battles you lost
it’s just about how you get up
i don’t need no influence from anybody if that sh-t is far from positive
all of the rhymes and sacrificing i’m doing, is only mine that i’m depositing, like what

[verse 2]
yeah, i need to let my mental go
i need to let my mental breathe
i need to let my mental flow
i pray my mental don’t ever leave
i know i got ages but i know i ain’t getting no younger
this is another story of a rapper explaining his hunger
hunting on cats like i’m k!ll monger
you can choose to stay longer
that is your decision if you like
i’ve been up to many nights
i’m always so focused on lyrics and not how i really do feel
and yes i could dedicate it through words and just let it spill
but i would rather let thoughts be sp-cious and hit on my soul
standing out in the rain and the weather is always cold
i’ve felt like i’ve missed something before, it never gets old
can i actually make it and break down that mold
you know what the saying is, if there’s no risk then you get no reward
i feel like i know the world, even though i’ve actually never toured
doing music until the end, otherwise i will be bored
i ain’t ready to commit again, cos of the feelings before

- lejitt testo

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