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lecrae – church clothes testo

attendere prego...

church clothes

one time for h-town
one time for d-town
one time a-town, m-town
rip to medgar evers,
rip to doctor king
i ain’t tryna hate on my own kind
but al and jesse don’t speak for me
i’m probably gon’ catch
some flack man,
but imma swallow this pill
like pac man
some of these folks wont tell the truth, too busy tryna get them racks man
church tryna rob my paycheck, choir members probably having gay s-x
pastor manipulatin, hurtin women,
i wonder what he’s gon’ say next
bookstores pimpin them hope books, like god don’t know how broke looks
they tellin me that i’m gon’ reap a meal
if i sew into these low crooks
plus i know homegirl a freak
now how she singing a solo?
i walk in the church with a snap back and they tellin me that that’s a no no?
that’s backwards and i lack words for these for these actors called pastors
all these folks is hypocrites,
and that’s why i ain’t at church
truthfully i’m just doin me,
and i don’t wanna face no scrutiny
as long as the church keep whilin out, i can justify all my foolish deeds
smokin weed, pourin up,
keep that lean up in my cup
maybe i can change the world,
but this p-rn on my laptop got me stuck
yeah i know what’s right from wrong, but that there ain’t gon’ sell a song
i’d rather sell my soul than save it,
if that what make my money long
it better not be no real god,
real hope, that heals hearts
it shows me that i ain’t livin up
to all these things he put me here for
it better not be no real church,
real saints, who pray hard
and let me rock my snap back
with the 501’s and the j’s on
it better not be no real folk,
who don’t think that they better than you
straight or gay, drunk or high,
they walk through the cold
weather with you
no we don’t wanna see that,
cuz that might mean a life change
that might mean i’m worth more,
the money, cars, s-x and pipe dreams
better not be no real jesus,
real forgiveness, for hurt folks
if god gon take me as i am
i guess i already got on my
church clothes

- lecrae testo

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