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laura branigan – power of love testo

attendere prego...

power of love

the whispers in the morning
of lovers sleeping tight
are rolling by like thunder now
as i look in your eyes

i hold on to your body
and feel each move you make
your voice is warm and tender
a love that i could not forsake

[first chorus]
’cause i am your lady
and you are my man
whenever you reach for me
i’ll do all that i can

even though there may be times
it seems i’m far away
never wonder where i am
’cause i am always by your side

[repeat first chorus]

[second chorus]
we’re heading for something
somewhere i’ve never been
sometimes i am frightened
but i’m ready to learn
of the power of love

the sound of your heart beating
made it clear
suddenly the feeling that i can’t go on
is light years away

[repeat first chorus]

[repeat second chorus]

- laura branigan testo

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