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lady sovereign – let’s be mates testo

attendere prego...

it’s like…this

i’m weird and you’re weird
let’s be mates.
i consider us a pair so yeah,
let’s be mates.

you like monkeys, i like monkeys.
you like funk, i like it funky.
i hate junkies, don’t punch me,
i’m feelin a little drumpy.
let’s get acquainted,
you’re simple i like it.
why are we waitin,
i’m single you like it.

follow me outside,
i need a chashpoint
you got a lot.
follow me outside,
i need a chashpoint,
wait i said that twice.

you like my hair, i like it too
to the side, that’s not all i do.
do you mind holdin on for two
while i go do my boogaloo.


you like colors, i like purple.
i’m talkin slow like a turtle.
i’ve had to much herble.
i feel like im coughing furb-lls.
drink serder like werzzles
i’m fresh and clean like perzles
deliver my words like p-rs-ls
and that queen in her castle


- lady sovereign testo

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