knuckle sandwich – room to breathe testo

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selling your dignity for a song, you’re emotional velcro that
keeps clinging on. i can’t supress this voice inside of me.
don’t expect a piggy back ride uphill. don’t look for me to be
the kind of guy to kill for. don’t bother to instill a load of
faith in me. sorry, but i have to leave. you’re leaving me no
room to breathe. before i get to deep. you’re better off without
me. yesterday is gone, focus on tomorrow. i’m not the answer to
your problems, not the reason for your sorrow. i never asked you
to ditch your friends for me. take a look at yourself, think
about why you cry. don’t heed my every word, what’s my reason to
lie? i can’t suppress this voice inside of me.

- knuckle sandwich testo

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