kkash – scrimmage testo

attendere prego...

i let that thing drip
let that thing clip
just show your image
play the cards right like a scrimmage
since when the f-ck you stopped playing round
since when the f-ck u was smoking pounds
why u gotta play i’m here for the action

come from the back with the distraction
i ain’t playing minecraft this ain’t no faction
10k a day vacation it’s so relaxin
why your b-tch asking me for bread
coming to your spot better play dead
think you tough that 223 to your head

get the bait
wasn’t fate
new bentley and a wraith
30gs in the safe

let your b-tch top me off gave me head
coming to your spot better find u dead
add a couple zeros to the bank
shooting bullets these not blanks
now i’m chilling private jets
check the charts we the best
and i made it threw the stress
let your best friend give me neck

make 18 g’s and i’m still with the gang
f-ck around any more you can’t hang
pop that p-ssy baby dang
let the word out i’m back in town
bullets to your face turn into a frown
all this jewelry on me i make your b-tch drown
but she know i’m kkash she wanna hang around

- kkash testo

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