king kavon – bodega dreams testo

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all i got is one band and a lot of dreams, some girl told me i should be joker for halloween. but i got a k!ller style that’s too serious for clowns, buck 50 to the face, here the laughs coming out. everybody wanna talk and try to play me out, found a higher purpose, so these women can’t play me now. i need more than easy p+ssy, that’s why they hate me now, n+ggas who never support, to me, are some major clowns. hey, why she keep throwing shade like i’m a player now, former cool kids back in high school thinking i’m major now, d+mn homie, used to be the man, homie, two kids, stds and you poppin xans, homie
but nah i ain’t gon front, i was going through h+ll, more pain than what they notice, was losing a lot of focus. til one day, my notepad just magically opened, you wanna play a game of success, your art is your token. see them js on my feet, back then, couldn’t cop these, see them amethyst rocks, you know i gotta rock these, i could turn down pork, chicken, beef, and steak, but every once in a while, i might cop a chopped cheese. snapple apple on the side, even with a honey bun, bad baddies coming through and they got some honey buns, oh she got a fat friend, i don’t do the chubby gut, f+ck around with me, work out or make ya tummy tuck. got the type of tongue game that’ll make the girlies come, spit the type of crack that’ll even make the junkies run. i don’t even sell drugs, i rather sell a rap tour, what you think i rap for, to k!ll your f+cking graph chart
takes more than rocket science to tap into my energy, takes more than stretching her walls to build some chemistry, never bite the hand that feed you, always watch the hand that’s cooking, cause they be the ones always poisoning the recipes. practice what you preach ‘fore you even try to message me, i’m on a new level, you could feel the intensity. right now, these b+tches acting like they don’t remember me, give it two years before they tried to get with me
almost got cold feet, at nights, i had nose bleeds, f+cked up how they use valid points to control me. talked behind my back, some disrespected boldly, getting p+ssy here and there, still couldn’t console me. living through my ancestors, that’s all of my ogs, temptations calling, i ain’t talking bout the oldies. n+ggas screaming gucci gang but it never arose me, that’s why i’m spitting bars cause this is real poetry. real hip hop, i’m giving y’all the essence, the look, the sound, the smell, better than some incenses. i’m usually the answer when they ask where their b+tch went, thuggin like a detroit n+gga, shout out to trick trick. labels who done use me before, i know they’re real sick, they should’ve told em lyricism is the real pitch. so call the cops and the ambulance to save ya, cause i just caught a body in the f+cking bodega
uh huh
unh, call the cops and the ambulance to save ya, cause i just caught a body in the f+cking bodega
unh, call the cops and the ambulance to save ya, cause i just caught a body in the f+cking bodega

- king kavon testo

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