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kimya dawson – sunbeams and some beans testo

attendere prego...

and the weatherman said to my friend,
“what’s your name?”
my friend said, “write yours down, mine is almost the same.”
erase the “s” and “m” in their place put a “g” and “r”
and an “nd” look at me what’s that say
then the weatherman stood with his head hung in shame
he took off his big belt, put it down, turned away
but my friend said, “don’t leave, i just harvested beets, let’s go eat at my place.”
with his mouth full the weatherman stared at his plate
and he knew it was his heart that made my friend great
not his muscles, his money, his job or his name or his fame
see my friend isn’t famous
he is just a good person who grows what he eats
and if you have a mouth then he will try to feed you
and if you are cold he’ll put wood in the stove
grab a quilt and some warm flannel sheets
so the grand champion called up sam champion
said, “let’s plant a garden in the heart of this wasteland.”
and sam said, “hey man, this’ll be breaking news,”
but grand said, “i won’t wait for your camera crews.
see, i don’t do what i do for the glory.
i do what i do because it’s a good story.
i do what i do because there is a need and a hunger created by corporate greed.
see there’s a surplus of food in this country,
and n-body should ever go to sleep hungry,
but that food is kept under lock and key
considered a privilege for people with money.”
then the weatherman dropped to his hands his knees
with a tear in his eye and unable to speak
he was driven to action by only comp-ssion
he dug in the dirt and he planted some beans
planted some beans
planted some beans
planted some beans
planted some beans

grandma said to me
if you only have one bean
and you meet someone with no bean
you should give them half your bean
cause you will be less hungry
if you eat just half a bean
than if you eat a whole bean in front of somebody with no bean.

- kimya dawson testo

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