killer mike – god in the building ii testo

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“god in the building ii”

god is still with me (he’s still with me) [x4]

[verse 1]
it’s hot like haiti down in hades
the false prophet say the lord has forsaken us black babies
to make it off a island in mercedes
we going sell it white as michelangelo’s christ
babies need rice, the baby need beans
to feed our babies beans we might have to flip a bean
i have sold my people dope yet provided them with hope
sinner and saint, yeah, i did ‘em both
yea i sold a brick on a basketball court
and bought the uniforms for the basketball coach
can’t wash a way the blood so i put rings on my fingers
25 carats symbolize my redeemer
and my redeemer’s blood is capable of taking chris dudus
making him a savior of others
my god will take a sual, fashion him a pual
so only god can judge me and to h-ll with all y’all

i lift my eyes upon the hills
from whence cometh my health
only god can judge me
and n-body else
i beat these streets to make the devil a lie
marching at h-ll to the gangster’s eye
i can feel the fire still everywhere
if heaven got a ghetto i’m a make it there


[verse 2]
the critics ask why michael never blowed
well, truthfully i met the devil at the crossroad
he offered me success in exchange for my soul
he stripped me of my riches, broke me down like job
first he took my car, and then he took my house
but he couldn’t take the lord’s name out a n-gg- mouth
so then he took my friends, and then he took my fame
and then he had my former friends dirty up my name
and while he was lying/lion i was daniel in the den
walking with an angel, a testament to men
i can walk on water, i defy the odds
the devil give you fame, but he can’t defy my god
my god is amazing, i don’t need the masons
i just need the junkies and the liars and the theives
i need the pimps, prost-tues and pushers out the streets
that’s where i’m seeking god cuz that’s where he found me
that’s where i’m seeking god cuz that’s where he found me



they tried to tell me “don’t make these kind of records
you’re never going to be who you’re suppossed to be”
the record that people are most connected to is (god in the building 1)
so i give you (god in the building 2)
i’m a keep doing what i am doing
i’m a keep building my testament
my empire, my legacy, my way
because i know god moves through me
god is in me at all given times
so some of you all can shortcut, take whatever road you like to
i prefer the high road (high road)

- killer mike testo

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