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killer mike – don’t die testo

attendere prego...

don’t die

i woke up this morning to a cop with a gun
who told me that he looking for a n! gga on the run
i thought for a second and i screwed my face
and asked the dirty pig “why the f-ck you in my place? ”
he said “chill or we kill, this is a warning”
then i told him “f-ck you, where is the warrant? ”
then they got to punchin’ and kickin’ and macin’
then the whole situation went larry davis
thinking ’bout my lady and thinking ’bout my baby
thinking “these two motherf-cking pigs going crazy”
they wanna kill a n! gga ’cause a n-gg- on this rap sh-t
wanna leave me dead on a mattress, hampton
i’m a public enemy because i’m cold lampin’
and i don’t give a f-ck about a party in the hamptons
and i don’t give a f-ck about a motherf-ckin’ forbes list
far as i’m concerned, that’s a motherf-cking wh-r-s list

motherf-cker, my dad was a cop
you don’t think i know a dirty -ss cop when i see one?
shake down, take down, disrespecting-the-badge–ss-b-tch!

back to the scene going wild in the bedroom
grab the cop’s gun left from leaking with a head wound
second cop shot, but the bullet hit his partner
shot him in the leg and he hit him in the arter (y)
now the dirty cop’s looking at me
talking ’bout he kill a n-gg- if i try to flee
sh-t, i’m about to loose it, so he gon’ have to prove it
all because the government hate rap music
i’ve been labeled outlaw, renegade, villain
so is martin king, so the system had to kill him
a n-gg- with an att-tude, the world gotta feel him
educated villain, attempt on living
if i gotta kill a cop just to get out the building
that motherf-cker didn’t, left dead, no feelings
yelling “f-ck him” as i buck a 45 at his fillings
trying to knock his brains through the motherf-cking ceiling

when i surface on the streets i can hear the crowd yelling
and see the neighborhood snitches pointing and telling
i’m bailing like a felon or -ssata shakur
before the law leave me stinking like a bag of manure
like jeriko one in the movie ‘strange days’
they want a n-gg- dead ’cause the things that i say
might make the youth go and pick up an ak
tell the government “f-ck you, no way”
like john connor mama i be running everyday
’cause if i get caught it’s my life they terminate
or stick me in a cell on guantanamo bay
all because a n! gga won’t sit in and obey
i’ll be an outlaw before i ever behave
and die a free man before i live like a slave
nothing changes, if they catch me today
“f-ck the police” is still all i gotta say

- killer mike testo

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