kill cxnxry – yxu just fucked up! testo

attendere prego...

[hook: vlone dex & k!ll cxnxry]
hold a f-cking frank b-tch!

[verse 1: vlone dex]
imma spin this n-gga like a cloud bank
all you n-ggas h0m-phobic
go drown in a fishtank
i’m in a higher rank
make you draw in a blank
in a tank, in this b-tch
imma spank your b-tch
so f-ck bad luck, by your luck
you a lame duck, f-ck

[chorus: vlone dex & k!ll cxnxry]
mosh pit, out it [x12]

[verse 2: k!ll cxnxry]
f-ck on yo b-tch no rubber
had to cut the b-tch off, gut her
why the f-ck you actin’ so b-tthurt?
i’m not wearing a grey sweatshirt
yo team look like a feather
i don’t give a f-ck, better duck, best test yo luck
or you gone get tucked
motherf-ck- what?
b-tch you won’t talk to me
b-tch you won’t f-ck with me
suck on a d
imma go play lacrosse, best go cross
b-tch go floss, you look like jaws
you don’t f-ck no broads, you ain’t got no hoes
you ain’t got no shows, you ain’t got no flows
you ain’t got no dough, only god knows though
wanna f-ck with me
b-tch you better play destiny
you ain’t my friend, you my enemy
that’s a 10 to 3, blasphemy
you don’t f-ck with me, you suck my d
now she calling me mean
pull up like its halloween
f-ck on yo b-tch like you dead to me
me and my boys we like sippin’ lean
(aye, aye)
f-ck my enemies, f-ck yo industry [x4]

[verse 3: traplance]
f-ck my enemies!
f-ck this industry!
f-ck my enemies!
f-ck this industry!
b-tch i be that demon lurking in the night!
b-tch i shed my skin, grab my f-cking knife!
then i start to murk everyone in sight!
then the blood starts to drip from my eyes!
me and my demons come out at night!
f-ck with us you not gonna survive!
k!ll you in the night like a sacrifice!
b-tch i sold your soul for some f-cking gold!
satan wants my f-cking soul!
so i told him no!
now we’re beefing vro! [x2]

- kill cxnxry testo

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